Monday, March 7, 2011

The Food Has Arrived!

by John Aldrich

Prior to the semiannual food runs, an enormous amount of work takes place at the warehouse in Salt Lake City to prepare all of the giveaways and food boxes. A major event in this sequence is the arrival of all the food needed to fill the Rainbow Food boxes. All the shopping and ordering that leads up to this delivery was featured in a blog last year while this blog focuses on the arrival of the food at the warehouse.

Friday March 7th was the culmination of all the work Roger Daly had put into arranging for the food through Walmart. After parting with over $27,000 ANE was the owner of roughly 35,000 pounds of food goods. Getting all this to the warehouse was facilitated by Boyd Mitchell who rented a Penske truck and drove the three round trips from Walmart to the warehouse.

Here are Roger and Boyd with one of the loads. The food is delivered on pallets that must be unloaded from the truck and moved into the warehouse.

Then the cases of food are unloaded from the pallets and placed in their designated places along the warehouse wall.

The following photo shows the combined muscle power that made this big job happen.

But this wasn't the only thing happening at the warehouse that day. Other volunteers were busy working on the various giveaways that are an important part of every food run.

Here Sue Powers and Cheryl Wehmanen are packing rolls of fabric that will be donated to Elders.

And here, Sue is collecting items that will be assembled into Grandma boxes.

While Robin Field-Williams is a blur of motion as she tapes together the boxes that will become Grandma Boxes.

Many more days like this one will be needed before we are ready for the spring food runs.

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  1. Great to see Roger,Boyd,Dean and Mac in action. What would ANE do without them? Having seen first hand the amount of supplies and the weight of them, these volunteers are amazing! Lovely to see Sue and Cheryl and what they have been up to at ANE. Glad to have met them all!