Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Food Run Report - Leupp 4/28/11

by John Aldrich

Beautiful weather graced our day at Leupp also. By contrast, when we left Winslow for Leupp a year ago we were stopped on the freeway west of town by high winds and blowing dust, finally making our escape by caravaning down the shoulder of the highway to our exit. So every day as beautiful as this is a blessing.

Here's the box crew pausing for a picture outside the senior center where we hold the food run.

If you should notice an unfamiliar face or two it's because we were joined this day by a crew from ARD, German Public Radio, who were making a documentary about ANE.

On the left is Christine Schacht, photographer, and in the center, Jan Tussing, the ARD bureau chief. Jan's father, Henning, was visiting the U.S. This trio easily made friends with the volunteers as they went about their business of interviewing ANE people and local Navajos.

The coordinator for Leupp is the incomparable Lola Bahe who is seen here receiving her Pendelton blanket. Lola officially retired last year from managing the senior center, but, fortunately for us, continues to sign short term contracts since no replacement for her has been found yet.

First-time food run volunteers, Tracey and Tom Hogan were able to meet their Elder, Susie Rusell, whom they have been sponsoring for several years.

The wizened face of Magdelena Tso provides quite a contrast to those of her beautiful granddaughters.

This view inside the senior center gives an idea of the space where we hold the food run at Leupp.

 The carefully braided hair of Pleasant Curley was an interesting contrast to the traditional hair bun worn by most elderly Navajo women.

There was great gratitude expressed by the Leupp Elders and a number of volunteers received gifts. Woody Smith presented Linda with this necklace.

And Christine received a necklace from Victoria Begay.

As the final box loading takes place outside, Navajo Code Talker, George Willie, poses with his food boxes.


  1. Thank you again for the pictures and account of the day's activities.

  2. Pleasant's hair style is beautiful! Interesting about the radio team. Great to hear ANE is gaining more prominence, which can help the Elders. Lovely picture of Woody and Linda.