Sunday, July 29, 2012

Warehouse Food Delivery

by John Aldrich

Yesterday all of the food for the upcoming fall food runs was delivered to the warehouse. Once again it arrived in three truckloads from Walmart, and once again Boyd Mitchell volunteered to drive the truck and wrangle the pallets. CJ Robb had a new role this time as coordinator of the project.

Here are Boyd and CJ in the truck moving one of the pallets:

The food is moved by pallet from the truck to the warehouse. Then the cartons of food are stacked in alotted spaces around the periphery of the warehouse to be ready for the upcoming food box packing days.

We were pleased to have a number of new volunteers show up to help. A Navajo family, the Blakes, came in force:

The Blakes are from Navajo Mountain but live in Salt Lake currently. The youngest, Tasheena, pitched in along with everyone else.

On the second truck load was a very overloaded and top-heavy pallet. CJ looks like he has met his match as he tries to stablize this towering monster during the unloading. Fortunately it didn't fall over, but discretion won out as the top cartons were finally taken off first.

Here's another shot of volunteers stacking food in the warehouse.

At the end of the morning Mary Begay stopped by to pick up backpacks to take to the reservation. Mary and her husband, Harry, are from Hardrock and will distribute these backpacks to schoolchildren there.

Many thanks to everyone who showed up to help, especially the new volunteers.

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  1. I love seeing all the photos of activity with ANE. Keep 'em coming!