Sunday, September 9, 2012

Packing Food Boxes

by John Aldrich

As the time for the majority of the fall food runs approaches, we need to pack all the rest of the Rainbow Boxes. Yesterday we packed about half of the remaining 400+ sets of boxes and will do the remainder next Saturday (please come if you can).

Here's the scene as "shoppers" circle the warehouse filling each box with the prescribed items.

We had a number of youthful helpers which always makes the morning more fun. Emma was enthusiastic as she helped her mother by retrieving the needed items. They will both be attending the Teesto food run where they will see their Elder.

Meanwhile Kade was responsible for seeing that each Rainbow Set received the proper allotment of Jello. Strawberry was the flavor of the day.

At a number of the food stations, volunteers passed out the correct number of items to help speed up the process. Louise Sedlevicius has two cans of peas and a box of tea bags ready for the next cart.

Fruit cocktail and sliced peaches were also among the items going into the boxes.

Those of us with older backs are always grateful when there are younger people to do the heavy lifting. Eric did yeoman service lifting all the boxes from the carts to the taping table. The sweat on his shirt attests to the fact that this was hard work.

Then the boxes must be taped up and the labels applied. Boyd Mitchell's tape gun was a blur as he accomplished this task that he has done many times before.

And here's a final shot of people at work filling Rainbow Boxes as the morning comes to a close.

If your able, please join us next Saturday at the warehouse to complete the remainder of the boxes as we prepare for the upcoming food runs. We start at 8:00 a.m. and should be done by 11:00 or 11:30.

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