Sunday, March 17, 2013

Food Box Packing - Week 2

by John Aldrich

Last week's post reviewed a little history behind the Rainbow Food Boxes. So this will be a shorter blog touching on some highlights of yesterday's activity.

The huge stack of empty boxes in the center of the warehouse has been disappearing and is being replaced by the filled boxes. As usual the volunteers filling boxes made their way around the periphery.

This week we were happy to welcome the Alta High School soccer team. They have been coming to help during our spring packing for a number of years now. Under the watchful eye of Coach, these young men provided a lot of able manpower.

We had enough volunteers yesterday that some of the resources could be devoted to another big job. Kate Maxwell-Stephens organizes the home care products every year. Many of our Elders have special needs that we try to help with, and sorting and packing these items for delivery during the food runs requires a great deal of work. Some of the soccer team members helped Kate out in the parking lot while others were working on the food boxes inside.

This young man served as the Human Trash Compactor. One can only imagine the fear he must trigger in opposing soccer players with this special skill.

Other highlights included Lamar Clark who returned to help at the taping table:

And, at the Jello table, Kade had assistance this week from Zoe and Aaron.

The packing operation paused briefly to help honor several people who were having birthdays this month, and then everyone could enjoy a piece of cake as they came by the taping table.

We have now nearly completed all the preparations to begin the spring food runs which will commence on 3/26 with our visits to Oljato and Navajo Mountain. Many thanks to the large number of volunteers who have brought us to this point.

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