Monday, July 22, 2013

Rug(s) Of The Week - New Rugs From Dorothy Secody And Rose Sells

by John Aldrich

We have just added 5 beautiful little rugs from Dorothy Secody and her daughter Rose Sells. These are all pictorials and are based either on the Tree Of Life theme or Firedancers.

Dorothy usually weaves straightforward Tree Of Life patterns, but in this charming little rug, she combines the birds with two ceremonial baskets. This rug is #7781 in the catalog. It measures 14" x 15" and is priced at $120.

The remaining four rugs are from the loom of Dorothy's daughter Rose Sells. They all measure 12" x 16" and are priced at $145. The first two, #7778 and #7777, are Tree Of Life rugs.
 The last two, #7779 and #7780, depict Yei figures known as Firedancers.
All five of these rugs are nicely woven and reasonably priced. Their compact size makes them easy to place anywhere in the home.

To see more rugs, new and old, visit the Rug Catalog.

See this 2010 post for more information about the rug catalog.

Notes: Every effort has been made to photograph and present the rugs with as accurate rendition of color as possible. It's not possible, however, to be certain that your computer won't show some variance. Where two prices are listed in the catalog, the higher represents what the weaver hopes to receive and the lower, the minimum she will accept. As has always been the case at ANE all the proceeds of every rug sale go entirely to the weaver. Prices are set by the weaver, and since there is no "middleman" they are typically very reasonable.

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