Thursday, July 24, 2014

Announcing New Rug Show T-Shirts and Hats

by John Aldrich

The 25th anniversary of our annual rug show in Park City will be a very special event, and we are doing everything possible to honor our weavers. As part of this celebration we are offering specially designed T-shirts and hats. Rodger Williams designed a beautiful logo which has been embroidered onto each of the shirts and hats.

The T-shirts come in two styles with two colors, red and black. The women's shirt has a vee-cut neckline and the men's a round neck. The hats come in black and are a one-size-fits-all design.

Pricing of the shirts and hats also fits with our 25th anniversary theme - $25 for each. The small profit we will make on each sale will help defray the cost of staging the show. So help to support the show and at the same time acquire a unique shirt and/or hat. You may purchase these items through the Trading Post section of our web site or in person at the warehouse.

The sizing of the shirts is a little small, so we recommend that you order the next larger size than you ordinarily would buy.

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