Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's A New Day

by John Aldrich

The warehouse has undergone a major and pleasing transformation over the past few weeks. The front offices have been completely repainted, refreshed and redecorated. Caroline Murdock, our administrative coordinator, took advantage of the relatively quiet time during the recent food runs to accomplish all of this with the help of Martha Black. For those who are familiar with the warehouse, you will find the new atmosphere to be friendly, welcoming, attractive, and well organized.

A major change is a new opening in the wall upon entering the front door. This will allow the office staff to immediately welcome and interact with people arriving at the warehouse.

Also greeting visitors is this rug especially woven to honor the Program.

In the spirit of renewal and a new beginning, Navajo medicine man Rex Harvey performed a special ceremony two days ago. Here is the warehouse set up for this event:

The room was filled with the pungent odor of cedar smoke:

All in attendance felt a strong sense of healing and renewal.

We invite everyone to come by the warehouse and see the changes as well as join in the new spirit that pervades the space.

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