Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Craft Day 2010

by Gina Zimmerer

The Christmas Ornament Program was started several years ago as an additional means to support our Elders through the harsh winters on the reservation. At the annual rug show these ornaments are placed on a tree where show-goers can select an Elder they wish to support.

The actual creation of these ornaments takes place at the Craft Day held at the warehouse in June. This year it happened on June 12th, and there was a great turnout of volunteers. A total of 184 ornaments were artfully designed by those attending the event. Each ornament features a photo and a short biography of the Elder plus a list of items needed by that Elder.

This composite image shows a finished ornament together with the material on the back which allows the purchaser see just what the Elder needs.

Each volunteer began by selecting an Elder’s picture and biography; and, for some, this project was very personal as they made ornaments featuring the Elder they have adopted.  From the Elder’s picture, they determined what color papers and which embellishments to use to highlight the Elder.

Here, turquoise and coral stones were used to create a 3D necklace.

While here, the skilled, patient hands of Ericka Norton work with seed beads.

 Celeste Williams  put a lot of love into decorating an ornament for her Grandmother, Alma Williams.

The Norton family created several beautiful ornaments.  Ericka Norton said, “We had a good time together.  It is an honor for us to help the Native Elders and to feel the comfort of those who were around us at the warehouse”.

Here are a portion of the completed ornaments.

These ornaments will be hung on a Christmas tree during the November Rug Show.  Certainly, the beauty, love and artistry the volunteers put into each ornament will catch the eye of those attending the Rug Show ... and ... hopefully, that will lead to many donations of firewood, food certificates and yarn for the Elders to help them through the long winter months..