Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Announcing The ANE Limited Edition Pendleton Blanket

Early this year a unique opportunity presented itself to the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program. Doug and Margie Hollinger own the Park City Clothing Company which happens to be one of the top retailers of Pendleton blankets in the country. Doug is also a member of the ANE board and has actively supported the Elders over the years.

Doug and Margie proposed a special fund-raising project involving a custom designed, limited-edition, blanket to be produced by Pendleton with all of the proceeds going to the Program. Such an undertaking wouldn't have been possible without their longstanding relationship with Pendleton.

(Click on the image for a larger view.)

The blanket is a horizontal design with a jacquard border in the standard Pendleton 64"x80" size. The background color is a deep turquoise with the ANE logo and the names of the eleven food run locations in winter white. The border has light turquoise, rust, and tan accents in a Navajo pattern.

This blanket will be produced as a limited collector's edition of only 300. It will be available at the rug show in November or through the Park City Clothing Company (800-561-9665). It will sell for $245 with ANE receiving 100% of the profits.

 We anticipate that this special blanket will sell out quickly. If you would like to reserve one or more, you may do so by contacting the Park City Clothing Company. With a $100 deposit each, a blanket will be reserved for you to pick up (or have shipped for around $15) after Sunday November 14th. It will not be possible to reserve a specific numbered blanket, as they will be pulled randomly from the stock.

Pendletons are treasured by Native people who use the blankets in honorings and ceremonies This beautiful blanket honors the Elders and their way of life, the support people who share the vision of serving the Elders, and our coming together to promote healing between our cultures.

The blanket would make a meaningful keepsake of your participation in the Program or a wonderful holiday gift for a longtime support person. You might also consider buying the Pendleton to be gifted to your Elder.