Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rug(s) Of The Week - Handspun Rugs By Nettie Tsinijinnie

by John Aldrich

Nettie Tsinijinnie is one of our traditional Elders as well as a traditional weaver. She creates beautiful rugs from handspun wool from her own sheep. Not many are doing this anymore. Nettie lives in Nazlini and attends the food run at Many Farms.

Last year we featured her in a blog when we added several of her rugs to the catalog. This year we have added four more beautiful handspun creations. Nettie's rugs are well-woven and beautifully designed. They are also quite heavy which is often the case with the thicker wool of this type of rug.

Here are the four rugs:

The first is number 7719 in the catalog, Winter Star. It measures 31" x 42", and the price is $650/$600.

This rug is number 7721, Sunburst. It measures 28" x 40" and costs $650/$600.

The third is 7722, Star Dazzler. It's 40" x 66" and is priced at $1400.

The fourth rug, 7723, is even larger at 40" x 78". It's number 7723 and is also $1400.

The latter two rugs, in particular, would be suitable for use on the floor. They are so sturdy and heavy that they might well outlive the house.

Here is a fine opportunity to acquire a beautiful rug woven in a manner that is rapidly disappearing.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Christmas Ornament Program - Craft Day At The Warehouse

by John Aldrich

Saturday was Craft Day at the warehouse. This has been a tradition that has been growing in popularity and relates directly to the Christmas Ornament Program, an important feature of the annual Rug Show.

But let's start at the beginning and discuss what the Christmas Ornament Program is all about -

At the Annual Rug Show we bring a number of our Elders from the reservation to Park City. They bring with them many rugs as well as other crafts which they sell to the public. This provides them with much needed resources to help them through the upcoming winter months. Although the benefit of these sales is great for the families who come to Park City, the remaining 500 or so Elders in our program who don't come to the show can't participate in this source of support.

This disparity is what inspired the Christmas Ornament Program 6 or 7 years ago. We create an ornament for each of the Elders who are chosen to be a part of the program that year. Each ornament is made specifically for an individual Elder. The purchaser of the ornament can choose what and how much to give to that Elder.

The Christmas ornaments have a picture of the Elder together with some basic information about them and a list of their specific needs. Here is the starting point for the ornament that will be created for Celone Smallcanyon Dougi of Navajo Mountain.

The end result is a collection of highly creative decorations that adorn a Christmas tree at the rug show.

Show attendees can then select an ornament and make their donation. Gina Zimmerer, seen above with the tree, has been coordinating this program for the past three years.

The creation of the ornaments is what takes place on Craft Day at the warehouse. On a Saturday morning in June 30 to 40 volunteers gather to apply their creative energies to this task. It's a day of great fun and camaraderie with light refreshments provided.

Let's follow the creative process as Gina turns the materials shown above for Celone into a finished ornament:

Gina begins by selecting materials that complement the colors in the photograph; she adds a colored backing for the photograph and then adds a floral touch to finish.

Here she holds the finished ornament. Afixed to the back is the information about Celone and what can be donated on her behalf.

During the course of the morning 190 ornaments were produced by the volunteers. Last year we made 175 ornaments which sold out at the rug show. This raised around $14,000 which was used to purchase the food certificates and firewood that the donors chose to give to the Elders. This year should be even better!

Here's a look at some of the other things that happened during Craft Day - - -

This is one of the long tables where volunteers worked on their projects:

In the foreground are some of the completed ornaments while at the top are those yet to be done.

Shaun Acerson looks over the remaining Elder photos to see which one he will work on next.

It was a family activity for Bob and Dar Stack who brought two of their grandchildren, Pete and Mia.

Kathie Bridges and Virginia Aldrich were sorority sisters in college and enjoy this annual opportunity to see each other.

Food, of course, was something else that helped to keep everyone smiling.

The completed ornaments will be saved for the rug show. Unfortunately we can't let any of them go before the big event, but please plan to be there in November to help support this valuable way to assist our Elders.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

More New Rugs

by John Aldrich

Last week we featured a selection of new rugs that have been recently added to the catalog. The rugs were all of medium to large size. We don't want you to think that there aren't other rugs to choose from that are smaller and very affordable. This week we feature a number of smaller rugs all of which are under 20" long and many of which are priced at less than $100.

Mary Lee of Many Farms supplies us with many smaller-sized rugs that are well-woven, have appealing designs, and are priced to sell. These typically don't last long. Here is a representative sample:

This rug, #7525, is priced at $85, but there are many others in the catalog priced at $48. Mary has used blue and turquoise in many of her rug designs this year.

Rosie Franklin's Chinle Star rug, #7507, is only $45.

One of the more unusual and appealing smaller rugs is this Personal Design by Irene Bedonie. It's #7535 and costs $95.

Another weaver who supplies us with quite a few small rugs is Anna Jean Bahe of Big Mountain. Her Feathers Of The Directions, #7716, is only $48. (Note: This rug has been sold)

Many weavers have found the small format perfect for miniature pictorials. This neat little depiction of a hogan and birds by Helen Lee, #7687, is $95.

Several weavers have found that the traditional Tree Of Life pattern works well in a small design. Dorothy Secody, an older weaver from Many Farms, has made this her specialty. Rug #7512 is representative of what she produces.

This more typically oriented Tree Of Life by Rose Sells, #7222, is $145.

Most of these weavers have additional rugs in the catalog. You can easily find them by putting the weaver's name in the search bar which appears on every page of our web site. Better yet, spend some time perusing all the rugs in our catalog.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Rugs In Our Catalog

by John Aldrich

The spring and fall food runs bring the biggest surges in our rug catalog inventory. At each food run the Elders who are also weavers bring their latest creations. Many are purchased by volunteers, and many others are chosen by Linda to be added to the catalog. We have just added over a hundred new rugs to our inventory, so this is a great time to review our catalog and see if any of these might find a place on your wall.

Here is a small sampling of new rugs:

We are always fortunate when we can add a Teec Nos Pos from one of the Littleben sisters. This beauty from Irene Littleben is number 7718 in the catalog. The distinctive style, creative use of color, and fine weaving make this a very special rug.

We have added a number of Tree Of Life rugs. Here are two of the larger ones:

Eleanor Towne specializes in this rug design and has her own unique vision. Her rugs typically have a colored background rather than the traditional white. This offering is number 7677 in the catalog.

Mary Secody creates equally beautiful rugs. This design places the Tree Of Life on a background of a Chinle Star rug. The catalog number is 7661.

 Glenna Begay wove this fine rug in the classic Ganado-Klagetoh style. It's number 7689.

Annie Bedonie's Storm rug is another classic design. The number is 7676.

Using the more difficult raised outline method of weaving, Madge Shephard created this beautiful Storm pattern rug, number 7717.

The most unique new rug could well be this intriguing piece from Tillman Whitehair. It's titled Mother Earth Turtle. There must be a fascinating story behind this design. The catalog listing is 7638. (Note: This rug has been sold)

And finally, here is a beautiful Mother Earth Father Sky ceremonial depiction from Luanna Tso, catalog number 7682. (Note: This rug has been sold)

These are only a few of the new rugs. Please visit the catalog online to see everything in our current inventory.