Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rug(s) Of The Week - Handspun Rugs By Nettie Tsinijinnie

by John Aldrich

Nettie Tsinijinnie is one of our traditional Elders as well as a traditional weaver. She creates beautiful rugs from handspun wool from her own sheep. Not many are doing this anymore. Nettie lives in Nazlini and attends the food run at Many Farms.

Last year we featured her in a blog when we added several of her rugs to the catalog. This year we have added four more beautiful handspun creations. Nettie's rugs are well-woven and beautifully designed. They are also quite heavy which is often the case with the thicker wool of this type of rug.

Here are the four rugs:

The first is number 7719 in the catalog, Winter Star. It measures 31" x 42", and the price is $650/$600.

This rug is number 7721, Sunburst. It measures 28" x 40" and costs $650/$600.

The third is 7722, Star Dazzler. It's 40" x 66" and is priced at $1400.

The fourth rug, 7723, is even larger at 40" x 78". It's number 7723 and is also $1400.

The latter two rugs, in particular, would be suitable for use on the floor. They are so sturdy and heavy that they might well outlive the house.

Here is a fine opportunity to acquire a beautiful rug woven in a manner that is rapidly disappearing.