Sunday, June 9, 2013

More New Rugs

by John Aldrich

Last week we featured a selection of new rugs that have been recently added to the catalog. The rugs were all of medium to large size. We don't want you to think that there aren't other rugs to choose from that are smaller and very affordable. This week we feature a number of smaller rugs all of which are under 20" long and many of which are priced at less than $100.

Mary Lee of Many Farms supplies us with many smaller-sized rugs that are well-woven, have appealing designs, and are priced to sell. These typically don't last long. Here is a representative sample:

This rug, #7525, is priced at $85, but there are many others in the catalog priced at $48. Mary has used blue and turquoise in many of her rug designs this year.

Rosie Franklin's Chinle Star rug, #7507, is only $45.

One of the more unusual and appealing smaller rugs is this Personal Design by Irene Bedonie. It's #7535 and costs $95.

Another weaver who supplies us with quite a few small rugs is Anna Jean Bahe of Big Mountain. Her Feathers Of The Directions, #7716, is only $48. (Note: This rug has been sold)

Many weavers have found the small format perfect for miniature pictorials. This neat little depiction of a hogan and birds by Helen Lee, #7687, is $95.

Several weavers have found that the traditional Tree Of Life pattern works well in a small design. Dorothy Secody, an older weaver from Many Farms, has made this her specialty. Rug #7512 is representative of what she produces.

This more typically oriented Tree Of Life by Rose Sells, #7222, is $145.

Most of these weavers have additional rugs in the catalog. You can easily find them by putting the weaver's name in the search bar which appears on every page of our web site. Better yet, spend some time perusing all the rugs in our catalog.

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