Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Rugs In Our Catalog

by John Aldrich

The spring and fall food runs bring the biggest surges in our rug catalog inventory. At each food run the Elders who are also weavers bring their latest creations. Many are purchased by volunteers, and many others are chosen by Linda to be added to the catalog. We have just added over a hundred new rugs to our inventory, so this is a great time to review our catalog and see if any of these might find a place on your wall.

Here is a small sampling of new rugs:

We are always fortunate when we can add a Teec Nos Pos from one of the Littleben sisters. This beauty from Irene Littleben is number 7718 in the catalog. The distinctive style, creative use of color, and fine weaving make this a very special rug.

We have added a number of Tree Of Life rugs. Here are two of the larger ones:

Eleanor Towne specializes in this rug design and has her own unique vision. Her rugs typically have a colored background rather than the traditional white. This offering is number 7677 in the catalog.

Mary Secody creates equally beautiful rugs. This design places the Tree Of Life on a background of a Chinle Star rug. The catalog number is 7661.

 Glenna Begay wove this fine rug in the classic Ganado-Klagetoh style. It's number 7689.

Annie Bedonie's Storm rug is another classic design. The number is 7676.

Using the more difficult raised outline method of weaving, Madge Shephard created this beautiful Storm pattern rug, number 7717.

The most unique new rug could well be this intriguing piece from Tillman Whitehair. It's titled Mother Earth Turtle. There must be a fascinating story behind this design. The catalog listing is 7638. (Note: This rug has been sold)

And finally, here is a beautiful Mother Earth Father Sky ceremonial depiction from Luanna Tso, catalog number 7682. (Note: This rug has been sold)

These are only a few of the new rugs. Please visit the catalog online to see everything in our current inventory.

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  1. The turtle rug is even more beautiful to see close, the intricate weaving and unusual colour combination. It now resides in my home and makes me happy to look at.