Monday, May 6, 2013

Food Run Report - Birdsprings 4/26/13

by John Aldrich

Our final food run of the week took us to Birdsprings. Since we have been routinely using the chapter house rather than Sadie Curley's homeland for the food runs, we have been able to expand the number of Elders that we serve here. We now have 38 in the Program at this location, up from the low 20's before.

Although we weren't transporting food boxes, we still found ourselves short of hauling capacity not long before the food run was to start. This was because of the relatively small number of volunteers, many of whom were from out of state and weren't able to bring things from the warehouse. Beverly Benally was one who stepped up, and with her 3/4 ton pickup she helped greatly to see that there were adequate resources.

During the unloading of vehicles after our arrival, C.J. demonstrates his virtuosity with loaded dollies.

As the start of the program neared, Linda found herself without her expected interpreter. Fortunately, Alice Robertson Running Hawk was there and agreed to fill in. She was a little apprehensive at first but did a fine job and did it with her typical happy countenance.

During introductions, our three Dutch volunteers offered a greeting in their native language, one that seems as equally unintelligible as Navajo.

Oren Shephard was one of the volunteers on his first food run. Although he's 80, you would never guess it from his boundless energy and outgoing personality. As part of his enthusiasm he ended up adopting two Elders at Birdsprings - Betty Yazzie,

and Harold Wagner.

Sadie Curley, who hosted the food run at her homeland until the past two years, received a gift basket.

Sadie's family is always a big help in preparing for the food runs, but her daughter Toni, in particular, devotes an enormous amount of time and energy. Toni lives in Santa Fe but travels to Birdsprings to help. Her special touch is seen primarily in the delicious food that is always served at this food run.

Toni also received a gift basket for her efforts.

The reason Toni isn't using her hands in this photo is because they have been busy with food preparation. In addition to the regular meal served to everyone (delicious in its own right) Toni makes a special treat for the volunteers. This time is was spring rolls.

There was lots of prep work before the final product could be assembled.

During the giveaways, Betty Ann Nez donated this beautiful storm pattern rug.

And during the Program giveaways, Jaki Helgeson from Winconsis, passes out these beautifully assembled gifts.

Although it's unusual to see a traditional Elder wearing her hair down, that's the style for Gertrude Hijoe. It's silver color and flowing texture is striking against her burgundy top.

When it's time to serve the meal to the Elders, volunteers line up to have styrofoam food containers filled for delivery to the tables.

After the meal there's time for shopping. Pam Berg admires this beautiful necklace at Lillie Curley's table.

And then, C.J. bids farewell to Lillie until the next visit in September.

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