Monday, August 3, 2015

Packing Rainbow Food Boxes - 8/1/15

by John Aldrich

Saturday it was time to once more pack Rainbow Food Boxes. There's no better sign that food runs are approaching than this semiannual event. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day and in response we had an excellent turnout of volunteers. At 8:00 everyone gathered in the parking lot for an opening circle including a Navajo prayer by Rodger Williams.

Then we moved inside to begin packing the first half of the boxes for the fall runs. This photo shows how things were laid out in the warehouse. The picture was actually taken toward the end of the morning when there were far fewer empty boxes to obstruct the view.

As we move around the room in a clockwise fashion two boxes in each cart are filled with the designated items and then delivered to the taping tables. Some volunteers man the carts and pack the boxes while others hand out food items as the carts go by.

The last stop is the taping area where a stalwart crew lifted the boxes from the carts, taped them closed, and stacked them along the wall arranged by food run area.

We were also graced with royalty. Our Shi Yazhi princess, Delaina Becenti, made the trip from Green River with her mother. They have been very busy this summer representing ANE at a variety of pow wows and events throughout the West.

One of the more specialized jobs at food packing is compacting the cardboard in the dumpster as it builds up. Marci and Cody tackled this task with the enthusiasm of youngsters on a trampoline.

Here are just a few of the other volunteers who came to help.

And as always, our gratitude goes to CJ, our ever-amiable organizer, for making the whole thing fall into place. There is a myriad of details that must be tended to for everything to come off without a hitch. And that's just how it happened.

We will complete the remaining food boxes this coming Saturday, August 8th. If you missed out on the fun last Saturday please join us at 8:00 at the warehouse.