Sunday, March 21, 2010


by Roger Daly

Rainbow Food Box shopping...

Did you ever "run to the grocery store to pickup a couple of items?"

How about this shopping list?  
  • 528 large Folgers Coffee - Classic Roast
  • 1056 42 oz. oatmeal containers
  • 2112 cans of vienna sausages
  • 3468 large cans of fruit
  • 1584 family sized cans of soup
  • 1056 regular cans of pork & beans
  • 528 large vegetable shortening
  • 1056 (each) cans of corn, peas and carrots  

You will fill about 260 shopping carts.  Plan on about 30-40 minutes at the checkout counter and you will need a check for about $16,000.

To move the food to the ANE warehouse, rent a 45 foot Penske truck with a hydraulic tailgate.  Plan on two trips from the store to the warehouse.  Unloading the truck will require some strong backs to handle the nine (9+) tons of food.

Before returning the truck remember this "little shopping run" only filled one of the two Rainbow Boxes!

After your second shopping run you will have assembled almost twenty (20) tons of food items, at a cost of about $32,000.

Volunteers will pack the food into 528 Rainbow Box sets for delivery to eleven "Food Run" locations on the Navajo reservation.  At those locations ANE will add 20 lb. bags of Blue Bird flour plus potatoes and onions.  (Another volunteer will shop for these items.)

Back at the ANE warehouse we will begin planning for a "little run to the food store" in the fall! 

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  1. Incredible! That is a phenomenal amount of dollars. I knew it was alot but never comprehended how much it would be to buy it all. The photos are great, funny and interesting. That is alot of packing and organising. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!