Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sheep Dog Trials

by John Aldrich

If you're looking for an event which combines supporting ANE together with witnessing an amazing display of canine training, plan on coming to the annual sheep dog trials known as the Soldier Hollow Classic over Labor Day weekend in the beautiful Heber Valley September 3-6.

The main event is a truly remarkable display of teamwork between the sheep dog and his/her trainer. Controlling the dog with a combination of whistles, gestures, and voice commands, the trainer guides the dog to herd a small flock of sheep through a challenging and far-ranging course which is laid out at the site of the 2002 Olympics cross country skiing events.

This has become an increasingly popular event with thousands attending over the four days it is held. In addition to the actual sheep dog trials there are a number of ancillary events which are quite entertaining such as the dog jumping contest. For more information about the event visit their website.

To make the event an even bigger attraction there are many vendors who take part. One of these is the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program. Mark Peterson, the event organizer, has been very supportive of our Program, providing tent space in a good location. In turn, ANE provides demonstrations of Navajo weaving as well as offering for sale a large variety of rugs and jewelry. This is one those special events that help us to sell rugs from our catalog.

The tent attracts large numbers of visitors, and periodically throughout the day demonstrations are given by Navajo weavers who come from the rez for this event.

Here is Darlene Furcap standing in from of a selection of her rugs with Program rugs hanging on the wall in the background,

while her sister, Lena Cowby, demonstrates the art of Navajo weaving.

Everyone attending the trials is guaranteed a fascinating experience as well as a fine opportunity to support ANE. The event web site has a page dedicated to ANE which gives further information. If anyone is interested in volunteering to help staff the tent during the event, please contact Wendy Sanborn at 801-243-2295.

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  1. I was fortunate to attend this event (thanks Beverley) and it was fascinating to see the dogs working and also to see the weavers in action. It was like a mini rug show for me as rugs were on everywhere in the ANE tent. Most delicious lemonade I've ever had purchased at one of the stalls, as it was extremely warm.