Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Bond

by John Aldrich

A close bond is created when a sponsor adopts an Elder. Heartfelt feelings flow in both directions. The extent to which an Elder is able to express those feelings is frequently limited by their ability to communicate. As many Elders do not speak or write English they find themselves dependent on other family members, often grandchildren, to create those words for them. Some Elders are more fortunate than others in having someone willing to take on this task.

On the March 2009 food run to Navajo Mountain the stars crossed for Emma Seaton, an Elder newly enrolled in the Program, and Gina Zimmerer, a volunteer on her first food run. After adopting Emma, Gina returned to Navajo Mountain in August where the following picture was taken.

Gina had made a quilt to present to Emma. Here are their hands resting on it. A bond was created.

During the recent holiday season, Gina was thrilled and surprised to receive a gift from Emma - - - a hand woven rug.

Along with the rug was  the following note created on Emma's behalf  by her granddaughter.

This exchange embodies the spirit of the Program!

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  1. I was privelaged to see the interaction between Emma and Gina at the Oljato Fall food run. An amazing sight to behold! Gina has a generous, loving heart and soul. Listening to her talk about the program and Elders was fantastic.