Friday, May 6, 2011

A Beautiful Day For a Drive

by John Aldrich

After last week's food runs I spent a night in Flagstaff before returning the reservation. On Sunday May 1st I drove from Flagstaff to Chinle, mostly via roads within the reservation but did use Interstate 40 to get as far as Winslow. After the cold front that kicked up the winds at Birdsprings had moved on through, the weather was beautiful and the skies dramatic.

The portion of Interstate from Flagstaff to Winslow has a number of reminders of the kitschy days of historic route 66. There was quite a roadside stop at a location known as Twin Arrows. The namesake remains.

From Winslow I turned north to intercept Navajo Route 15. Roughly ten miles up the road is a pulloff to view the Little Painted Desert county park.

Not long after that I reached the junction with N 15 which continues on towards Dilkon. An old abandoned hogan sits near the highway on this stretch.

Not much further up the road a lone horse stands against a background of volcanic formations that are quite prevalent in this area.

Much further down the road, near the community of Greasewood, a red sandstone formation sits by itself with a cap of twisted lava.

Shortly after that I came upon the ruins of the old Sunrise Trading Post.

The final photo was taken between Ganado and Chinle along U.S. Highway 191. The view looks out over the Nazlini valley.

The badlands in this area are quite beautiful. The Chuska Mountains are in the background.

I hope this brief tour provides a glimpse of the beauty of Navajoland.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for the pictures! I especially like the one of the horse. Wish I could be there.

  2. Superb photos! The horse and scenery is spectacular. As is the hogan, the Little Painted Desert part and the trading post. The twin arrows are wonderful too. Didn't know they existed. Thanks for sharing John.