Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ANE on Turning Point

For those of you outside the BYUtv viewing area, or those who missed the broadcast or want to see it again, the episode of Turning Point that features Linda and the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program can be seen via streaming video from the BYUtv web site. Here is the link. Another story is part of this broadcast as well, so be patient. That's not Linda in the kayak.

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  1. The documentary is fantastic! I wonder how many people cried, like I did? It is wonderful hearing about how Linda started and it is great to have this recording, of the history of ANE. I've just finished reading a book about Crazy Horse and Linda Myers is very much like him, in that she is a brilliant leader and thinks of other people. Excited to see people I met at ANE in the footage (Masuda, Virginia, John, Ed, Mac, Linda, Wendy), especially to hear their voices, as it felt like I was back there again. The documentary makers did superb work making this. It is perfect!