Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rug Show Moments 2011 - The Grandma Idol Contest

by John Aldrich

Held on Saturday afternoon, this is one of the popular events of the show. Loosely based on American Idol, the Grandmas are given a theme about which to make up a song. In keeping with this years rug show theme, they were asked to sing about their horse and how it helped them in their lives. After a few minutes to think it over they stood up to present their song.

To add color to the event each Grandma picked out one of several brightly colored western hats to wear while they sang.

One of the early contestants, Lena Cowboy, was the eventual winner:

Additional entertainment was provided by Jay Tavare and his stick horse:

Most of the contestants sang of the merits of their horse, however a few lamented that their horse was lazy and just cost them money to feed.

Last year's winner, Carol Blackhorse, was back to defend her title but didn't pull it off this year:

Grace Smith Yellowhammer conscripted Jay to be a part of her presentation, and this was very popular with the audience:

The Grandmas were divided into groups and the group winner was decided by audience acclaim. As Jay held his horse over each contestant, the audience responded:

Other colorful participants included Jane Benale:

And Elsie Benale:

Eventually a winner emerged from each group and a final overall winner was proclaimed:

May Shay, Elizabeth Clah, Grace Smith Yellowhammer, and Lena Cowboy share the stage with Jay and Miss Indian USU. The winners each took home a basket of prizes.

At the end, overall winner, Lena Cowboy, takes a victory lap on Jay's horse:

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  1. This looks hilarious! The hats are fabulous and Jay looks like he's having a great time, as do the ladies!