Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rug Of The Week

by John Aldrich

With this post I am initiating a series that will feature a variety of rugs in our current catalog. Although the recent rug show resulted in the sale of many rugs, there are many beautiful weavings remaining in our inventory. These sales are an important way we help to support weavers on the reservation. Even if you're not looking for a rug to purchase, I hope you enjoy looking at the amazing artistry and learning a bit about the weavers.

In this first post there are actually two featured rugs, both by Mary Lee of Many Farms:

Mary is a prolific weaver and specializes in small rugs that are typically 16" by 18" which is the case here. Her rugs are finely woven and usually feature star patterns or dazzler designs in traditional colors. We often have several in the catalog, but they tend to not last long since the combination of quality and value makes them very desirable. These rugs are very reasonably priced at $95.

Mary is not old enough to be an Elder in our program, but her rugs are a welcome addition to the catalog.

To see the catalog listings for these rugs or to place an order visit listings 7067 for the top rug and 7063 for the lower rug.

See this 2010 post for more information about the rug catalog.

Notes: Every effort has been made to photograph and present the rugs with as accurate rendition of color as possible. It's not possible, however, to be certain that your computer won't show some variance. Where two prices are listed in the catalog, the higher represents what the weaver hopes to receive and the lower, the minimum she will accept. As has always been the case at ANE all the proceeds of every rug sale go entirely to the weaver. Prices are set by the weaver, and since there is no "middleman" they are typically very reasonable.

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  1. Mary makes beautiful rugs! Over the past couple of years I've bought 6 rugs of various sizes and colours and they bring me pleasure as they are hand made and unique and of course magnificent to look at. That the money for purchasing the rug goes to the weaver is important to me. It is great that ANE supports the weavers and encourages weavers to continue, especially the children. If the children can see that their weaving makes them money, it plants the seed in their mind of being able to make money for themselves and that their creativity is loved, which gives them confidence and self esteem. I wish their were more children's rugs for sale from the website, as I'd buy them.