Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rug Of The Week - Teec Nos Pos by Delorcita Francis

by John Aldrich

Teec Nos Pos is one of the classic regional rug styles. It was developed by a trader in that area who wanted to see weavers using motifs from oriental rugs that were very popular in the early 20th century. Teec rugs are characterized by an elaborate border, actually multiple borders often, surrounding a central area with complex geometric designs. In addition to the design complexity, there are typically many color changes throughout these rugs. Given all this, it's not surprising that Teec Nos Pos rugs usually command relatively high prices, since they are quite time-consuming to create.

This week's rug is a Teec woven by Delorcita Francis of Rock Point.

It arrived just recently and was added to the catalog only a few days ago. The rug measures 30" x 44" and is priced at $1200, which is very reasonable for a rug of this size and complexity. The catalog listing is 7087.

Delorcita is one of our younger weavers. She is the daughter of Alice Bahe who was an Elder in our program and a rug show regular until she died several years ago. Delorcita continues the fine weaving tradition of her mother, and Teec Nos Pos designs are her specialty. Delorcita also attends the rug show and is usually at the Many Farms food run where she brings her father and also sometimes helps to make fry bread.

Along with the featured rug shown above, Delorcita also sent a smaller Teec rug which is an atypical design since it is more like a "rug-within-a-rug".

 This one measures 19" x 28" and is priced at $350. The catalog listing is 7086.

See this 2010 post for more information about the rug catalog.

Notes: Every effort has been made to photograph and present the rugs with as accurate rendition of color as possible. It's not possible, however, to be certain that your computer won't show some variance. Where two prices are listed in the catalog, the higher represents what the weaver hopes to receive and the lower, the minimum she will accept. As has always been the case at ANE all the proceeds of every rug sale go entirely to the weaver. Prices are set by the weaver, and since there is no "middleman" they are typically very reasonable.

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