Tuesday, July 17, 2012

100 Backpacks For Navajo Children

by Nathan Wilsey
(Note: Nathan is the grandson of ANE super-volunteer April Wilsey. Nathan's Eagle Scout project was carried out in support of our Backpack Program for Navajo children.)
My name is Nathan Wilsey, and I live in southern California.  In 2009 I attended the Adopt-A-Native-Elder Rug Show.  I helped the Elders set up their looms, brought them water, and boxed food for them to take home.  The Elders were really nice, and I will always remember my time with them.

This July, I completed my Eagle Scout Service Project.  I had decided earlier in the year that I would like to organize fundraising for 100 backpacks for the Navajo students who live on the reservation.

First, I sent an e-mail with my fundraising information to family and friends. Some people donated money while others sent in supplies.  I also had a garage sale.  I collected over $2000.

Later, I ordered the backpacks online and then began to buy different supplies to fill the backpacks.  In each backpack I put a pencil box, scissors, crayons, an eraser, 2 pencils, a pen, a glue stick, and a ruler.  I also put in a notebook, markers, colored pencils, a box of granola bars, and a special note to each of the students.  Some of the backpacks are for boys and some for girls who are 6-9 years old.

After collecting everything that was needed, I organized an assembly line with 15 scouts in my troop.  We filled all of the backpacks and put them into several large boxes.

On July 9, I went with my family to Salt Lake City, UT to deliver the backpacks to the ANE warehouse.  I organized some volunteers to unload them from the large boxes and then they placed each backpack into a smaller box that can be delivered individually to each student.

Knowing that the Navajo people live well below the poverty line, it made me feel proud of myself for having completed this project. 


  1. Great job Nathan! I have two sons who earned Eagle Scout rank too! Quite an accomplishment, congratulations! Thanks too for helping the navajo children with your project.

  2. Really great job it is to good... I am sure children get big smile on there face after getting those backpacks....