Monday, October 29, 2012

Rug Show Training

by John Aldrich

The first "official" event for the rug show is a training opportunity for volunteers to learn more about Navajo weaving so they will be better prepared to help visitors at the show. This was held last night at the warehouse. John Burrow has generously flown in from Portland to conduct this training for many years. It a great chance for volunteers to not only learn more about weaving but to see a few of the rugs that will be offered for sale at the show.

Food is served, and it's a potluck affair with pizza "on the house".

Elinda McKenna , one of the hard-working volunteer coordinators, said a few words:

Linda also spoke for a minute and introduced John Burrow:

John then took over and made a fascinating presentation. John is very knowledgeable about Navajo weaving and discussed why it is such a unique art. He also reviewed the various regional styles

I always like John's advice to new volunteers who will be introducing rugs to show visitors. His point is that we don't need to feel pressure or feel like we are there to sell the rugs. This just isn't necessary because the "rugs will sell themselves".

This was the most unique rug of the evening for me, a Yei Tree of Life by Winona Joe:

Another beauty is this Mother Earth Father Sky in natural colors by Luana Tso:

Come and see these rugs along with the hundreds of others that will be at the show. Perhaps one will "sell itself" to you.

The show starts Friday evening, November 2nd, and runs through Sunday evening. Check out the schedule of events here.

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