Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 ( - - - and more)

by John Aldrich

We hope that all of you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our own celebration took place a week ago today at the warehouse. This was the annual potluck dinner to honor all volunteers who helped make this another very successful year for the Program.

The warehouse was filled to capacity with nearly a hundred people gathered  together to share in this event. There was ample time before the meal for visiting:

Once we sat down to eat, though, everyone was preoccupied with the large variety of delicious dishes that were available to choose from. Linda pointed out that this dinner tradition started out with the intention that people could share their recipes. That didn't happen, but we were all in awe of the varied creations that came from the different kitchens.

This view shows just a few of the many tasty choices that were available in addition to traditional turkey and ham:

There was also some "unfinished business" that needed to be completed this night. At the rug show we were unable to have the crowning of our new Shi Yazhi princess because her family needed to be out of town. So, after dinner we were treated to the crowning ceremony.

Last year's princess, Emma Laughlin, has served beautifully in her role and was sad to give up her crown. But she was honored with a number of gifts for her service. Eileen Quintana who, along with Shirlee Sliversmith, directs the pageant, presented Emma with her gifts which included a sash belt which she can use when it's time for her Kinaalda.

Our new princess, Star Nez, then stepped to the microphone to introduce herself in Navajo, one of the things that pageant participants must learn to do.

Though only six, Star impressed everyone with her poise and self-confidence.

Emma proudly passed the crown to Star.

Star may have had a bit of an advantage over other contest participants because she had a role model to follow. Her older sister Carly was our princess three years ago. Here are Star and Carly with their mother, Carma.

Star was presented with a variety of gifts including a Pendleton blanket -

- as well as a doll and a ceremonial basket.

Thus, the evening presented a fitting conclusion to the current year and an optimistic look ahead to next year.

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