Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rug Of The Week - Blessingway by Nellie Curley

by John Aldrich

Nellie Curley is a fine weaver from Kaibito, AZ. This is a town about 50 miles southeast of Page. Nellie's husband often has work in Salt Lake, and she tags along. But having little else to do here in the big city, she spends her time weaving in her motel room. As a result, we are graced with her rugs several times a year.

Nellie's rugs are large as well as complex which naturally results in a higher price than most rugs in our catalog. But Nellie has quite a reputation for her rugs and often sells them through high-end trading posts and outlets. The rugs of hers that we sell often are priced around 50% of what you would pay at one of these locations.

This rug measures 56" x 35" and is priced at $2000. The catalog listing is 7599.

The rug depicts a scene from the Blessingway ceremony in the center along with a group of Yei figures. The overall design is reminiscent of the Blue Canyon style of weaving. To the right are corn plants and feathers, while to the left emerges an intriguing partial glimpse of a storm pattern design.

For a rug of this complexity and from this weaver, the price is a bargain.

Here is a photo of Nellie holding a different rug.

What better way to lift your spirit out of its winter doldrums than to acquire this exquisite weaving?

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