Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Well-Deserved Honor For Boyd Mitchell

by John Aldrich

We gathered in Winslow today for the start of the second set of food runs of the spring season. A wonderful group of 24 volunteers has assembled from across the country and even Europe. Each food run begins with a ceremony, and over the last several years, Linda has been honoring special volunteers on these occasions with one of the limited edition ANE Pendleton blankets. The honoree this evening was Boyd Mitchell.

Those of us who have known Boyd over the years that he has been involved with the Program have watched the transformational effect that ANE has had, but in return, working with him has been transformational for many of us as well.

Boyd is a Navajo who let the connection with his culture slip away from him. Involvement with the Program has brought him back in touch with his heritage, and in turn this has provided inspiration for the rest of us to stay more closely in tune with who we really are.

Boyd has been a perfect example of the selfless volunteer. Always cheerful and ready to help at whatever task might be at hand. From rug show to food runs, he steps up to help in whatever way is needed.

No one could be more deserving of this honor.


  1. Boyd is my boy! Congratulations!

  2. You deserve this honor Boyd. So happy for you and so proud of the work you do for the Elders. It was great working with you on this food run. See you next September. Bless you. Love, Lauria

  3. A deserved gift bestowed. Boyd is an asset to ANE, especially at the warehouse where it becomes hectic with organising and a lot of heavy lifting.