Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas 2013 - Jingle, Mingle, and Bingo

by John Aldrich

As Christmas fast approaches, ANE volunteers enjoyed our annual party at the warehouse yesterday. This is always a time of happiness as well as an opportunity to feel grateful for the work that has helped to support the Elders throughout the year.

This year's party had an additional happy note as Linda was able to introduce her new assistant, Caroline Murdock.

Caroline made a very favorable impression on everyone. She is friendly, engaging, and assured in a way that makes one feel that she will be a great asset to ANE and an invaluable part of the team. We look forward to working with her and getting to know her better.

The party consisted of a pot luck meal plus a variety of games. The assortment of food items was both tempting and overwhelming. Joan Reid shows the colorful cheesecake she brought.

Before the games began, Sam and Sandi Aloia shared a few words about their trip to the Chinle area of the reservation to deliver Christmas stockings. They were also able to visit with their Elder on the trip.

Linda is quite a master of devising entertaining games, and all of the major prizes were to be won on behalf of Elders. This added a note of giving to the competition. Initially, people won points and awards for their answers to a variety of trivia questions. One that stumped everyone was, "Who first sang Jingle Bell Rock"? (For those who are curious, it was Bobby Helms in 1958). Other questions were of a more personal nature such as, "Who has ever received and then thrown out a fruit cake"?

There was quite a response to that one.

The grand prize for this event went to the person with the most points. Carla Sydenham tallies her score but didn't win.

Thanks to her ability to sing/recite the full Twelve Days Of Christmas song, Mary Ann Morgan was the big winner.

Before the bingo games began, C.J. passed around small gifts from the Elders to everyone.

In what may very well have been her first official function at ANE, Caroline also helped with this job.

C.J. was the emcee for bingo.

Mary Ann helped her granddaughter, Morgan, fill in her card using Fruit Loops for markers.

 One of the games needed an "L" to win.

 Joan won one of the big prizes.

Several of the prizes were Wal Mart gift cards. It seemed most appropriate that Sam Tsosie, a Code Talker from Dilkon, won this $50 card.
Sam is spending the winter months in Salt Lake with one of his daughters, and we were honored that he was able to attend our party.

And finally, these elves wish you a Merry Keshmish and Happy New Year on behalf of all of us at ANE.

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  1. Smiles aplenty at this happy event. Carla looks gorgeous in her red outfit. Caroline looks at home there already at ANE and looking forward to seeing her progress in her new role. Great to see Sam having fun!