Monday, December 8, 2014

Rug Of The Week - And Many More

by John Aldrich

Many new rugs have recently been added to our catalog. These include new arrivals as well as rugs acquired just prior to the rug show that didn't sell at the show. There are many beautiful rugs to be seen - both new and old. Please visit our online rug catalog and have a look.

One of the newest is a remarkable weaving by Mary Secody. It arrived after the show so has just appeared in the catalog.

This complex weaving contains five rugs laid out in a storm pattern design. This storm rug, in turn, is contained within a background created by a Chinle star-type rug. Mary often uses soft pastel colors in her rugs as she has done here.

This rug is large measuring 54" by 74" so it won't necessarily fit on every wall. But the price is a comparative bargain at $3000 given its size and complexity. The catalog listing is 7755.

Mary Secody, daughter of Dorothy Secody, one of our Many Farms Elders, is a master weaver who likes weaving relatively large rugs. Here she is seen holding a Chiefs Blanket at the Many Farms food run this past spring.

This rug, 9049, is still available as well in our catalog and is priced at only $1000.

We hope you enjoy looking through our catalog.

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