Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weaving Ceremonial Blankets - Rug Show Theme For 2015

by Linda Myers

In the Navajo culture Pendleton blankets are used in many ceremonies and are presented as special gifts to honor dignitaries and leaders as well as birthdays and special occasions.

The traditional Elders wear these blankets during ceremonies, and many of the Pendleton blanket designs come from the patterns found in Navajo rugs.

Many of the symbols that are used in Pendleton blankets come from the different symbols of many tribes. Each tribe has a blanket that carries their own sacred symbols - mountains, birds, baskets, animals, and totems.

This year's rug show will feature Navajo rugs that the Elders have woven from Pendleton blanket designs. Some of the Elders chose to weave the pattern of the blanket that they wear during ceremonies. Others have chosen some of the newer designs.

We have received many beautiful rugs featuring their choice of designs and symbols which they have woven into their creations.

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