Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rug Show Apron Party

by John Aldrich
Along with the serious business of selling rugs there's always time for some light-hearted activities at the show. Over the past several years the Elders and their families have been treated to a variety of entertaining games such as the Hat Party and the Purse Game. This year's event was an Apron Party. Organized by Janet Dalton, volunteers created a variety of colorful aprons, and along with each apron came a variety of gifts. Volunteers modeled the aprons which each had a number to be matched with a set of gifts.

Starting with the oldest Elder and working down by age, each of the Navajos could choose their "man" or "woman" (and apron) and then be escorted to the prize area to find out what gifts came with the apron.

Here's a sample of the finery which the Elders had to choose from.

Don Bagley models a particularly tantalizing outfit.

Leona Holiday of Oljato has found just what she wants in a man.

Ted Reynolds, a volunteer from Poway, California, is escorting Anita Jackson of Teesto to the gift area.

Elsie Shay of Big Mountain has chosen an apron worn by Jay Tavare of Hollywood fame.

At the conclusion recipients have a chance to sort through their gifts. In addition to being lots of fun for both Navajos and volunteers, each recipient had many useful items to take home.

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  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful, fun time.