Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Setting Up For The Rug Show

by John Aldrich 

What does it take to make a rug show happen? Of course many, many volunteers have spent countless hours throughout the year to set the stage for the event. But what actually happens at the Snow Park Lodge at Deer Valley on the Wednesday prior to the show to make it all come to life?

Firstly, truck loads of items that are used every year at the show must be transported from the warehouse in Salt Lake to Park City. Then additional truck loads of items, including rugs and other items for sale, must be transported from Linda's to Deer Valley.

Forty to fifty volunteers from Park City and Salt Lake gather to assemble all the materials into the rug show which will start tomorrow with demonstrations of Navajo culture for school children.

Here is the initial room that  visitors see as they enter the rug show. This is only a portion of the overall area the show occupies at the Lodge. Some of the rugs are ready to be unpacked so the hanging can begin.

Fred Palmer, a volunteer from California, is hanging a beautiful tree-of-life rug. Fred and his wife Patti are among a number of people who have come from out of state to help with the show. We even have an international volunteer from Holland.

There are hundreds of rugs to be hung, and deciding the best layout is challenging.

There are always a number of large rugs to be hung which require some skillful ladder work.

In addition to over five hundred rugs which will be on display during the show, there are many other displays of jewelry and other crafts. Several of the tables feature other aspects of the Program's work such as this display for the Walk in Beauty Program which supplies new shoes to school children on the Reservation. Mary Anne Sanborn has come from Santa Fe, NM to help with the show.

A much-anticipated part of setup day is lunch which features delicious sandwiches prepared by Jean Glaser.

This view of the first room,with setup partially completed, gives a tantalizing glimpse of the splendors that will await rug show attendees.  Please plan to attend and be a part of this spectacular event that will directly support and benefit traditional Elders on the reservation who are part of our Program.

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