Saturday, May 5, 2012

Food Run Report - Birdsprings 4/27/12

by John Aldrich

It was another "blue bird day" for our food run to Birdsprings last week - moderate temperatures, full sun, and no wind. In fact we've been blessed so far this spring to have had no fiercely windy days.

After arriving at the chapter house, C.J. Robb gets busy unloading some of the boxes of medical supplies.
Many of these supplies are carried to the reservation by Kate Stephens in the ANE van. Here's a peek inside where Kate and Virginia Aldrich are taking stock of what's on hand.
As the Rainbow Circle of boxes is being set up, Ray Coleman checks what's on the line against the inventory list.
Meanwhile, as Elders are starting to arrive, Wendy Sanborn and Tracey Ramsden escort Phyllis Wagner to the chapter house.
Four of the volunteers on this food run were able to meet with their Elders. New volunteer Ei Ei Khin was able to see Betty Yazzie for the first time.
While seasoned volunteer Cindy Cook met with Jill Curley.
And Don and Suzy Bagley met with their Elders, Thomas and Rosebell Walker.
During the program, Rose Marie Begay served as translator for Linda. You can get a sense of the dome-shaped circular building that provided lots of space to move around.
Elders were served a special treat - a blue corn paste wrapped in corn husks.
Girl Scout Troop 9 from the Scottsdale area of Arizona has a special connection with Birdsprings. They have been coming to the food run at Sadie's for six or seven years and prepare for each visit for months by gathering giveaways and organizing fundraising events.
Sadie Curley is our food run host and also coordinator. But the food run is really a family affair. Here are three of Sadie's children and a daughter-in-law. They have worked hard to prepare for the event. Thanks to these folks, the food at Birdsprings is the most memorable of all the food runs.
There were more quilts to give away, and Vida Charley was the happy recipient of one of them.
After the meal Elders often like to go outside and identify their boxes. Here is Gertrude Hijoe with hers.
Don Bagley says goodbye to his Elder, Thomas Walker Sr., at the conclusion of the food run.

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