Monday, May 21, 2012

Walk In Beauty - Spring 2012

by Cindy Cook and Ray Coleman

(Note: Cindy and Ray head the Walk In Beauty Program, delivering much-needed shoes to school children across the reservation. For more information visit the Walk In Beauty page of our web site.)

Look how we’ve grown!
Walk In Beauty celebrated 5 years of service this spring.  Five years ago, 10 pairs of shoes were delivered to 1 school.  This spring, nearly 400 pairs were delivered to 13 schools across the Navajo reservation.

The spring delivery started where it all began, 5 years ago, at Monument Valley Elementary (formally Mexican Hat Elementary).  After signing in at the office, we were escorted to the faculty room to set up.
There we set the shoes out in anticipation of the children’s arrival.
Then the children began filtering in to try on their new shoes.
At each of the 13 schools, the scene was similar.  We have developed close relationships with our school coordinators and were greeted with hugs and smiles.  In honor of the program’s 5th year, we gave each of them a certificate of appreciation and a lapel pin with the program’s red tennis shoe logo.
As full as the schools are, our coordinators always find a space for us to use.  We’ve tried shoes on children in classrooms, offices, libraries, cafeterias, storage areas and even hogans.

When the children are trying on their new shoes they laugh, whisper, giggle, tease and make comments that warm our hearts.

When he saw his new shoes this boy said, “I’m taking off these girl shoes.  Today is my lucky day!
“My new socks smell sooooo fresh!
“It feels like a cushion.”
“These fit!”
“Do these look good on me?”
“Hey, these shoes are stylish!”

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