Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Food Box Packing - April 2012

by John Aldrich

When April arrives we can look forward to packing all the Rainbow Food Boxes for the remaining food runs. This activity took place over the course of the past two Saturdays. With the Alta soccer team present for the first packing day we were well staffed, but we had a good turnout for the second Saturday as well, so we had plenty of help and the work went smoothly and quickly.

As the shopping carts moved around the warehouse, volunteers had a chance to visit in addition to being sure that the boxes received the appropriate items.

Members of the soccer team, dressed in red, were stationed with the different food items and made sure each box got the right amount.

And other volunteers helped with this as well.

High school students Machelle Medcalf and her friend Emme will be part of the Many Farms food run this spring. Food packing gave them a good idea of what they will be delivering to the Elders.

At the box taping table Tony Morgan seems momentarily perplexed by his tape dispenser, but this part of the operation went smoothly as well.

Boyd Mitchell helped keep spirits high with doughnut deliveries.

Young volunteers Zoe and Kade made sure that the proper amount of Jello was in each box.

The box taping team for the second week consisted of Mark Roginske, Boyd Mitchell, and Sarah Sifers.

After compacting the recyclable cardboard, Oscar Merz prepares to exit the dumpster.

The mastermind behind all of this is Roger Daly.

Roger orders the food, coordinates delivery at the warehouse, organizes the warehouse for the packing operations, and generally keeps things running smoothly throughout the whole process.


  1. Awesome!
    You guys are all just awesome!
    Because of your dedication many families will be happy. I admire all that you do.
    I hope to be there next year, God willing.

  2. rien à dire, felicitation pour votre blog. Belles photos etc.