Sunday, April 29, 2012

Food Run Report - Dilkon 4/25/12

by John Aldrich

This past week we conducted three food runs, Dilkon, Leupp, and Birdsprings. All these runs are an easy drive from Winslow, our home base for the week. The first was on Wednesday to Dilkon. It was a near-perfect day with moderate temperatures, no wind, and an overcast to keep the sun from beating down on us too harshly. Before departing from the motel we lined up in a convoy to be smudged for a safe journey.

The main vehicle in the convoy is the Penske truck which has all the boxes and produce for the food run. It was ably driven by Boyd Mitchell from Salt Lake. Boyd has been driving the truck to this food run for several years now, and we love having him as part of the volunteer group.

As soon as we arrived in Dilkon we paused for the customary group photo. We had a very congenial group of volunteers who all worked well together.

First off the truck were the smaller gift boxes and the produce. The box labels for each food run are a different color - Dilkon is one of the brighter ones.

After the rainbow circle was almost completed, this view gives more of an idea of the amount of material we brought from the warehouse.

The box crew consisted of all the men and was directed by Ray Coleman. Ray has been taking part in this food run for many years and is greatly loved by the Elders.

A variety of tasks were being carried out inside while the box crew was completing their work outside. Kate Maxwell Stephens drives the medical van to all the spring food runs and at each location interviews Elders to determine their specific needs for various medical products we provide.

And the multitude of program giveaways is organized by a committee under the direction of Wendy Sanborn.

Eunice Spencer serves as our coordinator and translator at Dilkon. One of her tasks is gathering information from Elders who are interested in enrolling in the Program.

Once all the set up jobs are finished, the food run program officially gets underway. This photo provides an overview of the venue with Linda and Eunice speaking to the Elders while the volunteers are lined up behind.

Volunteers come from all over the country to attend the ANE food runs. But this time a new volunteer traveled all the way from England to attend her first run. Tracey Ramsden has an interest in the role the Navajo Code Talkers played in WW II and brought a book about the topic, Navajo Weapon, that she asked Sam Tsosie to sign.

The elderly Navajos in our Program are nearly all dependent on family members or other caregivers to bring them to the food run site. Here is Lovey Belin with her caregiver as they leave after the meal.

And the final picture shows Kee Yazzie's truck loaded with his boxes and produce ready to head home. Kee is one of the Elders who gave a short speech in tribute to the volunteers and to the Program.

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  1. I have been so thankful to be able to see the wonderful photos taken at the foodruns. I really wanted to be there at the Dilkon Run this year, but couldn't make it this time. To be able to see photos and descriptions of the action is the next best thing. I heartily thank and congratulate all the dedicated volunteers who made this happen for the elders.