Monday, April 9, 2012

I Run, Bike, and Row in Beauty

by Lynn Decker

(Note: Lynn is a devoted ANE volunteer who has devised a unique way to support the Program while staying fit.)

April is here which means we are nearing the spring Adopt-A-Native-Elder food run. We are looking forward to loading our vehicle with Rainbow Food Boxes and other items at the warehouse and then driving the 582 miles from Salt Lake City to Winslow, Arizona where the group of volunteers will stage. On Wednesday, May 9th - the second of the three Food Run days - we will head out early and travel the last 95 miles or so to the Big Mountain site near Hardrock on the Navajo homeland. This is the location where we will see our Elder, Faye. I have been looking forward to this all winter – in fact it has inspired me to a quest of sorts.

In the cold months of winter when it is dark in the early morning, I rely on exercise equipment in my basement to keep fit. On January 23rd (looking for motivation) I decided to make a commitment to run, bike and row the distance from my home in Salt Lake City to the Big Mountain Food Run site - virtually.

As of April 8th I have been at this quest for 76 days, have run more than 82 miles, biked more than 332 miles and rowed more than 90 miles.  I’ve just passed the 500-mile mark.  For reference, the Cameron Trading Post was at the 480-mile mark. If I can increase my pace a bit I should be able to make the 667 total miles by Saturday, May 7th - the morning that we leave on the food run.

My pledge is to donate $1 for every mile that I run, bike or row to ANE. If this were to go towards the flour fundraiser it would allow the purchase of 83 bags of Bluebird Flour for the Elders - and the good news is that at least one person, Pauline Blanchard, has pledged to match the dollar per mile pledge – and that would be 83 bags more.  I have miles to go to but thinking about the Elders and 166 bags of Bluebird flour sure has made the commitment stronger and the miles a little easier. I hope that I make it!

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  1. I'm sure you'll make it....when you'll think at the BluBird flour you'll keep pushing yourself! This should be sponsored by Nike!!!!!
    Good initiative!